Points To Ponder


I am fortunate to have had much of my family heritage collected by my mother Rena Hays Rush. Her work plus the excellent church records of the Society of Friends had given documentation of the Rush side of my ancestry.


The farthest back in direct family name goes to Crawford Rush in the 1600's. At that point a genealogy brick wall is encountered. However, much is known about his descendents so I have many branches of cousins from his line. A search of cousin lines bring out several interesting persons among which is Richard Nixon, former President. He was an eighth cousin once removed. Other family names include Woodward, Newlin, Bogue, and Jay.


My mother was a Hays. Following that lineage, it passes through Wilson, Struthers, and others until King Edward III of England is encountered. Once a tie-in is made to that English royalty, it is a matter of generations before encountering William the Conquerer and onto Lady Godiva. Really. My maternal grandmother was a Wallace with the associated Scotish history.


This page of this website will be developed in presenting the reams of information that I have and documenting it with photographs. This forthcoming monumental task is one of the reasons that I am attempting to become proficient in computer use and learning how to present the information on a website.